Drake has left everyone, including the Plain White T’s, scratching their heads with his remix of “Hey There Delilah.”

On June 3, Drake collaborated with Toronto rapper and comedian Snowd4y to release ‘Wah Gwan Delilah,’ a patois-infused parody of the 2006 classic by the Plain White T’s. The track quickly became the subject of intense reactions, not the least of which came from the band themselves.

In a video shared via their official social media accounts on June 5, the Plain White T’s listened to Drake’s twist on their hit song. Lead singer Tom Higgenson, visibly puzzled, looked into the camera and said, ‘That’s not Drake. It’s crazy that everybody thinks that it’s real. It seems like it’s very obvious. I don’t know, but it’s cool. Whatever.’ Equally baffled, bassist Mike Retondo exclaimed, ‘There’s no fucking way!’

The caption accompanying their post summed up their bewilderment: ‘The T’s were too stunned to speak… @champagnepapi.’

Listeners had similar reactions as the internet buzzed with comments about the unexpected release. One social media user joked, ‘That n-gga Kendrick literally lobotomized Drake to the point where he’s making and recording absolute gobbledygook.’ Another chimed in, saying, ‘I can’t believe that Wah Gwan Delilah song isn’t AI. Dr*ke is trying to fight that Not Like Us charges by going super-duper extra ugly Toronto accent and adding a feature on one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard in my life.’

Speculation about whether Drake’s vocals were the product of artificial intelligence ran rampant until Drake himself confirmed the track’s authenticity by sharing it on his Instagram Stories. Despite the initial confusion, fans can listen to the song on Spotify and YouTube, although it has yet to make its way to Apple Music.

Drake’s ‘Wah Gwan Delilah’ has certainly captured everyone’s attention, leaving fans, critics, and even the original creators of the song wondering what exactly they just heard. The musical twist has spurred a mix of disbelief, criticism, and curiosity across social media.

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