In an interesting turn of events, iconic rapper Drake seems to have set social media ablaze with a subtle Instagram move embedded in the complex web of relationships in the hip-hop industry. Unusually, his move doesn’t involve verbal jabs or diss tracks, but a simple click on the ‘follow’ button is causing waves. It seems Drake has begun following Channel Theirry, the estranged wife of producer Mustard, on Instagram. This move, seemingly innocuous in the vast realm of digital interactions, holds a different weight in the intricate dynamics of the hip-hop community.

The action is brewing speculation since it follows a recent incident where Mustard collaborated with Kendrick Lamar on his hit song ‘Not Like Us.’ The incident stirs up the specter of past feuds as Drake and Kendrick have a history of animosity. Is this a sly act of retaliation from Drake? Or, could it be a harmless gesture blown out of proportion by over-observant fans? However, with Channel Theirry reciprocating the follow, eyebrows are justifiably raised given her ongoing divorce battle with Mustard.

Drake’s New Instagram Move

A recent activity on Drake‘s Instagram has the hip hop community buzzing. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that he started following the estranged wife of producer Mustard, setting the stage for social media speculation. Drake’s apparent gesture might be a silent jab aimed at Mustard.

The Estranged Wife Connection

This curious development in the Instagram follows comes in the backdrop of Mustard’s recent collaboration with Kendrick Lamar on the hit song ‘Not Like Us’. Some fans are interpreting Drake’s actions as a sneaky retaliation.

Mustard’s Stance On The Feud

Even during the music video shoot of ‘Not Like Us’, where he wore a Toronto Blue Jays cap, he insisted he wasn’t trolling. According to him, he purchased a lot of hats he liked that day, and the Blue Jays cap was just one of them.

The Cap Controversy

He clarified that the cap was a tribute to his growing years in Baldwin Village, a notorious South Los Angeles neighborhood known as ‘the Jungles’. He explained how different hats meant different things in his community and downplayed any intention of trolling.

A Tale Of Feuds And Music

In the end, it’s an interesting twist in the dynamics involving top hip-hop personalities. The line between personal and professional often blurs in the industry, leading to such intriguing situations.

Uncertainty Remains

The Instagram saga adds a new layer of complexity to the ongoing tensions between Drake and Mustard. Until and unless there’s a direct confirmation from any party involved, all we can do is speculate about the significance of these Instagram activities.

In a clever play of Instagram follows, Drake seems to have silently thrown a jab at producer Mustard by following his estranged wife Channel Theirry, who in turn followed him back. This move comes against the backdrop of Mustard’s recent collaboration with Drake’s known rival, Kendrick Lamar.

While the feud between Drake and Kendrick is well-documented, Mustard has maintained a neutral stance, even stating in an interview that he had no knowledge Kendrick would use his beat for ‘Not Like Us’. He also denied trolling Drake by wearing a Toronto Blue Jays cap during the music video shoot for ‘Not Like Us’.

Yet, the Instagram saga has incited speculation. Is this a silent form of retaliation from Drake? Or just a harmless social media activity? And most importantly, does this add a new layer of complexity to the already tense Drake-Mustard relations?

The hip-hop community is closely watching these windings and turnings. As we wait for any official statements from the involved parties, all we can do is watch this digital tussle unfold, reminding us that the line often blurs between personal and professional in the dynamic world of hip-hop.

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