Drake is known for his love of gambling, and he’s at it again with some massive bets on the upcoming NBA and NHL finals.

On June 6, the Canadian rapper shared a screenshot of his latest wagers via Stake. Drake has thrown down $500,000 each on the Dallas Mavericks to win the NBA Finals and the Edmonton Oilers to take the NHL Stanley Cup. Both series will be decided in a best-of-seven format.

The potential payouts are hefty. If the Mavericks, with odds of 2.75, win, Drake stands to collect $1,375,000. For the Oilers, with odds of 2.05, he could pocket $1,025,000. He captioned his post: ‘Dallas cause I’m a Texan. Oilers are self explanators.’

This isn’t Drake’s first high-stakes gamble. Earlier this year, he broke the so-called ‘Drake curse’ by winning over $1 million on Super Bowl LVIII. He had placed $1.15 million on the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers and walked away with $2.346 million when the Chiefs won 25-22 and Patrick Mahomes took home MVP honors.

Drake even drew some buzz for mentioning Taylor Swift and her fanbase in his betting slip. ‘I can’t bet against the swifties @stake,’ he wrote on Instagram, referencing Swift’s then-new relationship with Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce. The Toronto native celebrated his big win by sharing a video on his IG Stories, tagging Stake co-founder Eddie.

Last year, Drake also bet $700,000 on the Chiefs, resulting in a $1.4 million payout. His frequent gambling wins and losses have become a part of his public persona, often generating as much attention as his music.

As the NBA and NHL finals approach, all eyes will be on Drake and his high-stakes bets. Whether his predictions will pay off remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Drake’s gambling adventures are never dull.

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