It’s been over three years since we lost DMX, a rap icon who left an indelible mark on music. To ensure his legacy continues, his estate has teamed up with the Artist Legacy Group (ALG).

ALG, known for preserving the legacies of late icons, promises some ‘innovative projects’ to honor DMX. While the specifics are under wraps, the anticipation among fans is palpable. CEO Ashley Austin emphasized the importance of keeping DMX’s message and music alive.

Recently, Five Finger Death Punch included a posthumous DMX feature in the deluxe edition of their 2022 album ‘AfterLife.’ The track, ‘This Is the Way,’ soared to the top of the Hard Rock charts, a first for DMX. Guitarist Zoltan Bathory shared that he had always envisioned a collaboration with DMX, though their paths never crossed while DMX was alive. Fortunately, they were able to incorporate some of his master recordings to make it happen.

The Ruff Ryders Entertainment crew also paid tribute to DMX last month by visiting his grave in Yonkers’ Oakland Cemetery. They reflected on his memorable moments, keeping his spirit alive in their own way.

With these efforts, from collaborations to heartfelt tributes, it’s clear that DMX’s influence endures. Fans eagerly await the innovative projects ALG has in store, confident that the late rapper’s legacy will continue to thrive.

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