DJ Akademiks took to Twitter on Saturday to air out some thoughts on two major beefs in his career, sharing his take on the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar feud and offering support to NBA YoungBoy amid his legal troubles.

First up, Ak didn’t hold back on his criticism of biased fans who’ve taken sides in the Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef. He finds it silly that fans can’t appreciate jabs from both artists. As he put it, ‘Fans swear this Drake Kendrick issue is like gang banging. U a lame a** fan if u can’t like ‘Not Like Us,’ ‘Push Ups’ ‘Euphoria’ and ‘Family Matters’ all at the same time. Them rappers made 10s of millions wit their beef .. don’t be that invested it ain’t that serious.’ Clearly, he’s all about enjoying the art from both sides instead of diving into fan wars.

Switching gears, DJ Akademiks touched on his personal skirmish with NBA YoungBoy, but rather than fanning the flames, he offered his prayers and support to the Baton Rouge rapper. ‘My prayers are with NBA Youngboy… I went to grave digger mountain .. I sat with him, talked with him, argued with him. This an artist and a man who been unfairly isolated, tortured, and made out as an evil person he isn’t that. How Y’all got a case against him and he gotta live in a room for YEARS w/o resolution. He already beat 1 federal case.’ It’s clear Ak has some empathy and hopes for change in the justice system for YoungBoy.

Beyond these beefs, DJ Akademiks himself faces some serious allegations, including a sexual assault and defamation lawsuit. It’s uncertain how this situation will unfold, but it’s an important aspect of his current narrative. Despite these personal challenges, Ak shared some positive vibes for A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s new album, showing that life is more than just beef and legal woes. In the grand scheme of things, resolving differences peacefully seems to be his overarching message.

Beef might grab headlines, but DJ Akademiks wants to remind folks that there’s more to life. Whether it’s calling out fan biases, extending prayers to a troubled artist, or battling his own legal issues, he’s pushing for empathy and understanding. Through it all, he’s still cheering on good music and hoping for better days ahead.

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