Suge Knight has dropped a bombshell about Diddy, claiming that the Bad Boy executive has been an informant for the FBI for years.

In the latest episode of ‘Collect Call with Suge Knight,’ the former Death Row CEO, currently incarcerated, alleged that it’s no secret in the industry that Diddy has been collaborating with the feds. The episode, released on June 6, had Knight saying at the 12:15 mark, “It’s a lot of things that people been knowing, and everybody gets judged differently. It shouldn’t be a grey area when it comes to doing something right, doing something positive, or doing something for the community. That being said, naturally, Puffy been an FBI informant forever, as they would say. That’s why it’s different when it comes to him.”

Knight elaborated, “Regardless of who gets hurt, all everybody been saying is ‘Puffy, Puffy, Puffy.’ I think they shouldn’t all blame everything on Puffy. His exes in the industry knew about it. Everybody in his crew knew about it. The bitches he dates knew about it. Everybody knew about it. So don’t push away from it now.”

Despite the serious allegations, Knight expressed a surprising amount of support for Diddy, especially given the numerous sexual assault allegations currently facing him. Suge previously showed this support in April, during an appearance in the Tubi documentary ‘TMZ Presents: The Downfall of Diddy.’

In the documentary, Suge, speaking from prison, acknowledged his unexpected feelings of empathy for Diddy, considering the mogul’s high-profile legal troubles. “My first reaction, it’s not the reaction I thought I would have when it came to Puffy. I thought it’d be a reaction like he got what he got coming ‘cause everybody knows what’s been going on,” Knight said. “My reaction was actually different because the first thing that came to my mind was: he has his sons, he has his daughters. My reaction was first about the kids. The thing is, I feel it’s a bad day for Hip Hop. It’s a bad day for the culture because it makes us all look bad.”

Knight further explained, “I’m not the type of guy to cheer for other people’s downfall. If somebody got killed or something happens to them, then I’m not going to pop champagne bottles. If I have a problem with Puffy, that’s for he and I to sit down in a room and resolve it. So for the tragedy on both sides, to the victims, to him, that’s definitely nothing to cheer about.”

Suge Knight’s claims about Diddy being an FBI informant have stirred up significant controversy and add another layer of complexity to Diddy’s already troubled public image. The industry, and fans alike, are left grappling with these revelations and what they mean for the future of hip-hop.

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