• Destroy Lonely denies allegations of domestic abuse from his ex-girlfriend.
  • He claims he was the victim of violence in their relationship.
  • His ex-girlfriend shared graphic details and pictures of alleged abuse.
  • Destroy Lonely responded with a series of posts calling her claims false and defamatory.
  • The dispute has garnered significant attention on social media.

Destroy Lonely has denied his ex-girlfriend’s claims of domestic abuse, asserting that her allegations are entirely fabricated. In a series of posts on X (formerly Twitter), which have since been deleted, the musician contended that he was actually the victim of violence in the relationship.

The accusations emerged when his ex-girlfriend began posting on Monday morning, sharing distressing stories and photos of her injuries. She alleged that Destroy Lonely had verbally abused her during a 21-hour flight to Germany and that he had physically assaulted her when she retaliated. “Cry baby ass n***a. Mad over Lucki you verbally abused me for an entire 21 hr flight to Germany and when I finally snapped and hit you choked me,” she posted. She also shared an image of her head injury, claiming it was the result of being pushed into a bed frame during an argument in Germany.

According to her, the escalation of abusive behavior continued with Destroy Lonely throwing her belongings into the hallway and belittling her in front of others. She recalled an incident on his birthday where she wore a white dress he allegedly liked, only for him to accuse her of trying to impress another rapper, Playboi Carti, leading to months of derogatory comments about her outfit.

Lonely responded to these allegations by describing them as ‘fake’ and asserting his innocence. He pointed out that people who know him personally would corroborate his claims. In one of his posts, he stated, ‘Everybody who know me in real life knows this aint facts or me im not proving myself to the internet or no woman.’

The back-and-forth has not only caught the attention of followers but has also sparked a broader discussion about the complexities of abusive relationships and public accusations. Both parties have presented their sides vigorously on social media, leaving many to speculate about the truth behind the contentious claims.

The dispute between Destroy Lonely and his ex-girlfriend remains unresolved, with both sides standing firm in their conflicting narratives.

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