Quench Juice Bar in Philadelphia is making waves, using local vendors for their fruits and avoiding added sugar, with deliveries available on DoorDash and GrubHub. Now, moving on to a heated topic discussed recently, something many have been hesitant to address.

Wayo recently expressed on a podcast what many in the industry have been thinking but were too afraid to say. During the discussion, Dame Dash’s continued remarks about Jay-Z came under scrutiny. Known for coining the term ‘Chatty Patty,’ Dame Dash has often criticized those who talk about others, yet he remains vocal about his past with Jay-Z, even in 2024.

Reflecting on his time at Rockefeller Records, Dame Dash frequently revisits stories involving Jay-Z, which has become tiresome for some. Despite a deep respect for Dash, there’s a growing sentiment that it’s time to move on. The reconnection of key Rockefeller figures for a mere photo op seems unlikely as the past remains rehashed.

Wayo’s comments struck a chord with many who have long shared his sentiments in private. There’s a feeling of respect for Wayo’s courage to voice these thoughts, despite his appreciation for Dame. It reminded viewers of the iconic Breakfast Club interview where Dash adamantly spoke about independence and being your own boss, principles he now seems to contradict.

Dash’s penchant for discussing Jay-Z in interviews has been pointed out countless times. Even when he claimed he didn’t want to talk about it, he would continue to do so. While he’s made significant contributions, particularly in showing young black men that they can be successful and stylish business owners, the redundant narratives are wearing thin.

Some argue that Dash’s repeated comments on Jay-Z are prompted by interviewers. However, others feel there’s plenty more to discuss about Dash’s ventures, such as Proads or Dame DTV, suggesting an avoidance of more current or relevant topics.

The industry’s reaction to controversial takes often results in more visibility, but not always in a positive light. Reflecting on other figures, like Charleston White’s offensive remarks and subsequent apologies, it’s clear that not all publicity is good publicity. Controversy can attract attention, but it can also alienate those who value respect and integrity over drama.

Ultimately, the dialogue encourages a difficult but necessary conversation about moving forward. While Dame Dash’s legacy in the hip-hop community is undeniable, continuously dwelling on the past does little to advance the narrative. It might be time for Dash to heed the advice he once gave — to be his own boss and look forward, not back.

The ongoing discourse around Dame Dash and Jay-Z highlights the tension between respecting one’s legacy and evolving beyond it. As the industry watches, the hope is for more forward-thinking discussions and less living in the past.

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