Dame Dash’s legal battles are far from over, as he’s now being hit with a fresh defamation lawsuit from director Josh Webber.

Webber’s lawsuit stems from comments Dash made on the Earn Your Leisure podcast back in March. Dash accused Webber of ‘stealing’ from him, citing a $1 million judgment he won back in 2022. ‘I had a judgment. And I knew this dickhead Chris Brown (pause) and Josh Webber (pause) and Muddy Waters…Chris Brown the lawyer. I went through four trials with the same lawyer…What I lost was defamation because these guys trigger me and steal my sh*t…you think there is freedom of speech, it’s really not,’ Dash said on the podcast.

According to Webber, these allegations cost him a $4 million contract to direct a film starring Billy Bob Thornton and Scott Eastwood. Although Webber initially filed the lawsuit back in April, Dash was only served the legal papers recently on Tuesday.

This isn’t Dash’s only legal issue. Earlier this year, a judge ordered him to sell his shares of Roc-A-Fella Records to pay off a judgment of over $800K. Dash’s attempt to auction the shares himself was thwarted when Webber’s lawyer, Christopher Brown, warned potential buyers about additional liens and judgments against Dash. Among them are a lien from the Office of Child Support Services for $123,562.37 for unpaid child support and a $30,000 judgment pending in California in the case of Bunn v. Dash.

Brown stated, ‘Buyer Beware when it comes to Damon Dash. My office and the United States Marshal are in control of this process. With that being said, I am negotiating with various entities to sell the judgments that are the focal point of the auction. The parties seeking to purchase the judgments fully intend to complete the auction process.’

As Dame Dash navigates these ongoing legal hurdles, the repercussions extend beyond the courtroom and affect his business dealings and financial stability. Stay tuned for further developments.

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