So, DaBaby decided to have a little fun this week by recreating Boosie Badazz’s famous fishing photo on Instagram. In his post, he posed with several fish and held up a notebook with ‘7’ written on it, clearly referencing Wilt Chamberlain’s legendary photo from his 100-point game. But instead of 100 points, it’s all about fish this time. Boosie once claimed he caught 126 fish, and it seems DaBaby wanted to get in on the fishing action as well.

Earlier in the week, DaBaby shared a video of himself fishing, sparking a wave of jokes and comments from fans. One fan remarked, ‘The one thing DaBaby gonna do is enjoy his life outside of the music industry,’ highlighting DaBaby’s knack for enjoying downtime. Another fan suggested, ‘DaBaby and Boosie need to go on a fishing trip together lol.’ Clearly, the idea of a DaBaby-Boosie fishing adventure is popular among their followers.

Boosie Badazz didn’t let the opportunity slip by unnoticed. Responding to fans’ jokes, Boosie quipped, ‘STOP PLAYING WITH A FISHATERIAN my fishin videos will be on BOOSIEUNCUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL TODAY SUBSCRIBE NOW.’ In a second video, he added, ‘Woke up a lot of people in they feelings about me catching fish. Don’t get mad at me! Rest of the year, all fishing season, all I’m eating is fish. I’m a fishaterian. God told you he gon’ put hooks in they jaws!’

In other happenings, Boosie took to social media to express his views on the economic state of America, calling it the ‘brokest’ he’s ever seen. He pointed to massive layoffs and bankruptcies as evidence. Meanwhile, DaBaby’s been grabbing headlines for his musical talents, notably freestyling over Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Not Like Us’ last week.

DaBaby and Boosie Badazz have certainly kept their fans entertained with their fishing antics and candid social media posts. As these two artists continue to enjoy their off-stage hobbies, we’ll be keeping an eye out for any future collaborations—fishing trips or music tracks alike.

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