Videos of Cardi B performing in Las Vegas recently surfaced online, sparking a flurry of body-shaming comments. Cardi B, however, responded in a way that only she could.

In her new video, Cardi B can be seen eating a stack of pancakes on camera, taking large bites and sarcastically listing off criticisms people have about her body, showing how little she cares about the negative comments. The contrast between her carefree attitude and the hurtful comments highlights how far she’s come in dealing with online haters.

The video quickly spread to Twitter, sparking even more reactions. While haters continued their criticism, fans praised Cardi B for her fearless and humorous clap back.

Adding to the whirlwind of Cardi B news, fans have been eagerly awaiting her second studio album. Earlier this year, she released two singles, fueling speculation that a new album would drop in 2023. However, Cardi later tweeted—then deleted—that she would take the rest of the year off, causing confusion among her followers.

Her record label later released a tweet hinting that the album might still arrive this year, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. Whether or not the album drops in 2024, Cardi B’s recent antics show she’s unbothered by hate and focused on living her best life.

Cardi B’s unique response to body shaming reminds everyone that she’s here to enjoy life, pancakes included, and isn’t letting negativity get to her.

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