In a heartwarming twist, DaBaby surprised a young boy washing car windows in Atlanta with a generous $100, telling him to take the rest of the day off.

DaBaby, known for his controversial statements and trouble with the law, has also shown a generous side on multiple occasions. This time, the ‘SUGE’ rapper posted a video of himself interacting with a kid who was washing car windows by the road. The video captures DaBaby appreciating the boy’s hustle, asking him how much he charges. The boy replies with $5, but DaBaby hands him a $100 bill instead and tells him to take the day off.

The unexpected interaction, shared on DaBaby’s social media, has garnered a lot of attention and positive reactions. While he’s been criticized for previous controversial comments, moments like these reveal a different facet of his personality.

Since his last two studio albums in 2022, DaBaby has been keeping busy with freestyles over popular tracks, including Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Not Like Us.’ He also released three new songs as part of a teaser for his upcoming album ‘GHETTO SUPERSTARS: (THE INTRO).’ While he hasn’t announced a release date, fans are eagerly awaiting more new music from him.

This wholesome moment with the young car window washer adds another layer to DaBaby’s complex persona. Despite his controversies, he’s proven that he can still surprise and delight his fans in unexpected ways.

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