Cam’ron and Melyssa Ford are at it again. The model and podcaster clapped back at the rapper’s latest freestyle, reigniting a feud that had sparked late last year.

While rapping over Black Rob’s “Whoa!” on his sports show ‘It Is What It Is’ earlier this week, Cam’ron, also known as Killa Cam, claimed Ford had called music executives Kevin Liles and Steve Stoute for support in their dispute. ‘Melyssa Ford called Kevin Liles/ Then Steve Stoute, what they gonna do? I’m Mr. Giles/ We good, boo, Killa feeling better now/ But don’t ever put my name near the word,’ he rapped, stopping short before the word ‘pedophile.’

Ford took to X on Wednesday, June 5, to refute Cam’s claim: ‘A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth even gets out of bed and puts its pants on.’ She didn’t stop there, adding, ‘That 🥷🏾 is lying. I didn’t call anyone to deal with that bullsh**. And he’s still talking about it 6 months later. It’s giving… 🤔🤔.’

Their issues began late last year when Ford, co-host of Joe Budden’s podcast, insinuated that the Dipset rapper had solicited underage prostitutes after Cam told a story about visiting a brothel on ‘It Is What It Is.’ On Budden’s podcast, she asked, ‘Is there a distinct possibility that there may have been underage girls in that whore house?’

Cam’ron’s response was furious and personal: ‘Tread lightly. Be careful ’cause I’ll tell you one thing: I know a lot of people at ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement]. I’ll have you escorted back up across the border.’ Ford later apologized, admitting she ‘should never have made that insinuation.’

Despite the apology, Cam didn’t let it go, calling it ‘fake,’ and doubled down, ‘First of all, I only like older bitches. Second of all, it was 1992 — we were underage! I just turned muthafucking 16.’ He also accused Ford of having a sordid past with explicit claims involving Ice-T and bathroom encounters at old clubs.

Cam also criticized Budden and his team for not editing Ford’s comments out of the podcast, showing just how deep the grudge runs.

This clash between Cam’ron and Melyssa Ford shows no signs of cooling down, as both sides continue to publicly trade accusations and rebuttals.

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