Cam’ron has fired back at NBA guard Anthony Edwards and Adidas in a new fiery freestyle, using Black Rob’s iconic ‘Whoa!’ instrumental. The drama kicked off from an Adidas commercial featuring the Minnesota Timberwolves star.

In the recent ad, Edwards is seen practicing his moves while a receipt machine prints out critical comments about him. One of these comments, read out by his friend Slick, was by Cam’ron: ‘To me, he’s an All-Star, but not a superstar, yet.’ Edwards responds to this with a blunt: ‘Fuck buddy.’

Not one to hold back, Cam’ron opened the latest episode of ‘It Is What It Is’ with a scathing freestyle aimed at Edwards and Adidas. Over the ‘Whoa!’ instrumental, he raps: ‘Fuck wrong with Ant Man?/ Gave him his props, homie got love from me/ New commercial — y’all ain’t got love for me?/ He shot a jump shot and said ‘Fuck buddy’/ That receipt reader looking like your fuck buddy.’ He then shifts his focus to Adidas, taking the company to task for its handling of athletes: ‘Adidas, I’m blaming you, this is your fault,’ he continues. ‘C’mon just stop it, dude, y’all just stopping through/ He do something y’all don’t like, you’ll drop him, too/ Fuckin’ careers up — T-Mac, Derrick Rose, RG3, John Wall, let ’em know.’

Cam’ron also took the opportunity to apologize to CNN correspondent Abby Phillip for his conduct during a recent interview in which he avoided talking about Diddy’s legal issues: ‘I duck the FBI, what I care about CNN?/ I put money on the house where you lay your head/ Apologize Abby anything I may have said, but the play was already read/ Get a Black woman and Black man and kill a Black man that’s already dead.’

After his fiery bars, the 48-year-old rapper addressed the situation, clarifying that despite the diss, he remains a fan of Anthony Edwards: ‘Even though I did a little freestyle this morning, I’m not going to even go back-and-forth, man, ’cause I’m a fan. I’m really an Anthony Edwards fan, and he’s 22 — you’re supposed to have that attitude when you’re 22 years old, and I dig it,’ he expressed. He couldn’t resist adding a jab about Edwards being knocked out of the playoffs by the Dallas Mavericks: ‘He tried that with Kyrie [Irving]; how’d that work out?’

Cam’ron also cleared the air about his real issue, which he claims is with Adidas and not Edwards. ‘My real gripe, to be honest with you, was [with] Adidas,’ he continued. ‘I deal with the bosses. Adidas, this what y’all want to do? I’m just asking, this what y’all want to do?’ He pointed out how Adidas previously approached him to work things out when Sebastian Telfair was dissing them, hinting at what he perceives as inconsistency or hypocrisy in their actions. Ultimately, he doubled down on his criticism regarding all the Adidas-sponsored athletes who suffered major injuries.

Cam’ron’s freestyle has certainly stirred the pot, putting both Anthony Edwards and Adidas on notice. While he insists there’s no personal grudge against Edwards, it’s clear that Cam’ron wants answers and accountability from Adidas.

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