Bryson Tiller opened up about a surprising and somewhat dismissive piece of advice he received from DJ Khaled regarding his battle with depression.

During an appearance on The Breakfast Club, Tiller recalled how he confided in DJ Khaled about his mental health struggles while working on Khaled’s 2016 album, Major Key. Tiller was dealing with various pressures, including lawsuits and personal threats, and sought advice from Khaled.

However, Khaled’s response wasn’t what Tiller had hoped for. DJ Khaled simply told him, ‘Nah, man, just put it in the music.’ Tiller found this advice unhelpful, especially when listening to his contribution to Major Key, ‘Ima Be Alright.’ ‘Every time I listen to [‘Ima Be Alright’] I cringe so hard because I’m like, ‘Man, this is not who I am.’ He eventually ended up bringing me ‘Wild Thoughts,’ Tiller shared.

Tiller noted that Khaled didn’t seem to care much about his emotional state. ‘Put it in music is not always the best thing. Don’t get me wrong, it works. But I hate when I’m going through some shit and then I gotta go be [regular],’ he added.

Despite these struggles, Tiller has taken significant steps in his mental health journey, even stepping away from music to focus on his passion for video game design. During a recent interview with Complex, he revealed his plans to take a hiatus from music to pursue video game design, something he’s been deeply passionate about for the last three years.

He also emphasized his desire to spend more time with his family. ‘After this album comes out, obviously I’m gonna go out, touch the people, see the world, and tour as much as I can. I want to focus on, number one, getting closer to my daughters. My oldest daughter is 10 years old now. I’m tired of telling her I gotta work or I gotta be in the studio and then we can hang out,’ Tiller explained.

This shift in focus allows Tiller to combine his love for video games with his family life. ‘The thing about game design, it’s super cool ’cause I can do it from anywhere. I could be next to her while she’s gaming. It’s just what I love to do and it doesn’t feel like work.’

Bryson Tiller’s reflection on DJ Khaled’s advice offers a candid look into the artist’s struggles and personal growth. As he transitions from music to game design, Tiller is prioritizing his mental health and family, setting an example of how to balance personal passions with professional demands.

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