Boosie Badazz has a theory about Diddy’s recent apology to Cassie and its potential future use.

Boosie Badazz believes Diddy might incorporate his apology to Cassie into a future song. During an interview with VladTV, Boosie shared his thoughts on the security footage that surfaced earlier this month. It shows Diddy appearing to throw Cassie to the ground and kick her. Boosie imagines a scenario where Diddy, trying to make a comeback in a few years, uses the apology as the intro to a song. “I feel like that was the intro to a song,” Boosie said. “I feel like [in] five years you gon’ hear that on one of his comeback songs…That was an intro.”

The footage, released by CNN, stirred quite a reaction. While speaking with VladTV, Boosie didn’t hold back his feelings about it, labeling Diddy as a “sick” person. When Vlad suggested that the worst part was Diddy chasing after Cassie, Boosie strongly disagreed. “That’s not the bad part, him chasing her down. Him kicking her on that ground, like, you kick somebody in the face, you’re motherf*cking– you sick man. A woman, you sick bro. I was pissed. I was like, ‘Damn, Diddy.'”

Boosie continued, criticizing Diddy’s actions and suggesting that this behavior might be part of a pattern. “Man, all you gotta do is restrain the woman. Grab them hands and hold them hands down. I don’t think a woman can make you mad enough to do that, I don’t think nothing can make you mad enough to– That was some sick sh*t… I think when you do something like that, that’s not the first time. That’s got to be, it’s a pattern man. It’s just like when you whoop a n***a ass or get in a fight with n****s. You get better and better.”

Boosie’s comments have stirred up quite a conversation online, with many people eager to hear more from both him and Diddy. While the public waits for further updates, one thing is for sure: Boosie isn’t holding back on his opinions.

For now, Boosie’s theory about Diddy’s apology and its potential future use remains just that—a theory. But it certainly has people talking.

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