Bobby Shmurda isn’t holding back on his thoughts about the current state of the music industry.

On Instagram, Bobby shared a photo of his unpainted nails and urged fans to stop asking him to release new music. He believes that American Digital Service Providers (DSPs) and music blogs, which are owned by the same entities, are rigging the system. “Stop asking me to drop music American DSP and music blogs which they owned as well don’t allow real Bodman on playlists because I don’t paint my fingers,” he wrote.

Earlier this year, Bobby accused a former business partner of launching a propaganda campaign against him. In a February Instagram Reel over Meek Mill’s ‘#RapTherapy’ freestyle, he highlighted how such campaigns work: ‘They’ll pay 1,000 people to go online and just post negative things about a particular thing because they know that if that one thing, if it was discovered what it’ll really do, it’s gonna offset their profits.’

Bobby elaborated further in the caption, explaining that character assassination happens when partnerships end. He said, ‘So this is the reason why somebody will want to assassinate your character if you are no longer partners with them in product because the minute somebody discovers who you are they are going to make a whole Lotta money that they miss the chance out on.’

This narrative could be linked to an incident in a London nightclub where Bobby was set to perform but got into an altercation. The situation escalated with Bobby spitting on a patron, resulting in him and his crew being ejected from the club. No charges were pressed, and the night continued once they left.

It’s unclear if this nightclub incident is related to the alleged propaganda campaign Bobby mentioned. However, it does add another layer to the challenges he’s facing.

Bobby Shmurda continues to speak out about the obstacles he faces in the music industry, questioning the fairness of the platforms that control artist visibility.

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