Billy McFarland, infamous for the Fyre Festival, is now helping Donald Trump rally support from rappers.

  • McFarland connected Icewear Vezzo with Trump during a Detroit visit.
  • He also orchestrated appearances by Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow at a Bronx Trump rally.
  • Three sources say McFarland hasn’t officially worked with Trump, but he’s been involved.
  • Icewear Vezzo expressed his support for Trump despite receiving criticism.

Billy McFarland, the man behind the disastrous Fyre Festival, is now lending a hand to Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, aiming to court support from the Hip Hop community. According to a report from Rolling Stone, McFarland played a key role in connecting rapper Icewear Vezzo with Trump during a visit to Detroit. McFarland claimed, ‘I just love bringing different people together.’

Earlier this year, McFarland allegedly orchestrated the appearances of rappers Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow at a Trump rally in the Bronx. While McFarland hasn’t officially joined Trump’s team, three sources linked to Trump say he’s involved in some capacity. Two of these sources confirmed McFarland has been tasked with helping Trump network with celebrities.

Last month, McFarland shared a photo with Trump captioned, ‘Pres’ birthday featuring your new cabinet.’ This move has brought significant attention to McFarland’s unique role in Trump’s campaign.

Icewear Vezzo’s support for Trump has sparked controversy. After posing for a photo with Trump, Vezzo stood by his endorsement, saying, ‘Told Donald I made the 6 great again.’ In mid-June, he shared a heartfelt message about why he supports Trump, emphasizing the importance of addressing issues directly. He said, ‘I didn’t meet him as a rapper; I met him as a man and a father who understands the only way to attempt change is to address things.’

Despite facing criticism, Vezzo posted a video urging people to agree to disagree respectfully. He argued that successful teams consist of individuals with diverse viewpoints. In his post’s caption, he wrote, ‘Don’t be afraid to ask questions, don’t let social media think for you, go see for yourself.’ This call for independent thinking resonated with many of his followers.

The partnership between McFarland and Trump exemplifies unconventional alliances in politics.

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