Big Sean recently melted hearts by sharing a rare video with his one-year-old son, Noah, whom he shares with singer Jhené Aiko.

In a touching clip shared over the weekend, Noah is seen enthusiastically leading Sean down a nature trail by a creek. Another video shows the “I Know” rapper tenderly holding his son. The videos are particularly special as the parents have been careful about not showing their toddler’s face to the public.

In an Instagram post shared by The Shade Room, Sean expressed his affection, commenting, “My big guy!” followed by several emojis.

This isn’t the first time the rapper has shared special moments with his family. Back in April, during Jhené Aiko’s Coachella set, she brought Big Sean on stage for a heartfelt moment. The couple performed their 2013 hit “Beware” and shared a kiss before Sean playfully smacked her on the butt as he left the stage.

Beyond his personal life, Big Sean has been busy with new projects. He announced his plan to release his first book, ‘Go Higher,’ which will be available starting October 8. In a video on Instagram, Sean detailed how the book focuses on five practices for purpose, success, and inner peace. He described it as an interactive guidebook aimed at helping people achieve their full potential.

He talked about how his upbringing with ‘elevated thinkers’ and the gems his family shared with him influenced the book’s content. ‘If it wasn’t for those methods that I applied to my life, I for sure wouldn’t be here today,’ he stated. Sean condensed these life lessons and philosophies into five strategies that he believes can teach others the true meaning of success and help them find their purpose.

Big Sean continues to captivate fans not only with his music but through his heartwarming family moments and inspirational projects. Keep an eye out for his upcoming book ‘Go Higher,’ which promises to offer valuable insights into achieving success and inner peace.

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