There was a lot of fantastic music that dropped last month, especially with the now-infamous Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef in full swing.

It’s been hard to pin down the best rap albums and songs of 2024 so far, but May certainly delivered. From industry titans to indie darlings, artists from around the hip-hop world gave us plenty to talk about.

Mach-Hommy’s ‘#RICHAXXHAITIAN’ is an early contender for album of the year. Known for valuing his artistic integrity (that’s why his lyrics aren’t on Genius), Mach-Hommy experiments with various sounds and touches on political topics. A standout is the title track, where he raps over Kaytranada’s production with a hook from 03 Greedo—an unexpected but successful mix.

Vince Staples has mastered the art of the short album, and ‘Dark Times’ is no exception. This concise project delves into the unresolved trauma of his life in Long Beach, California. Staples balances humor and irony with deep emotional struggles, creating a memorable and essential listen.

Chief Keef has been a staple in the rap scene since his teenage years. With ‘Almighty So 2,’ he shows his continued growth as an artist. The album features evolving production skills and lyrical content, making it a perfect re-entry point for those who may have lost track of him over the years.

Rapsody’s ‘Please Don’t Cry’ is another standout. Known for her introspective style, Rapsody examines her place in hip-hop and the world at large, asking tough questions and offering critiques. ‘A Ballad For Homegirls’ featuring Baby Tate is a notable track that’s been well-loved.

Kendrick Lamar delivered a potential song of the summer with ‘Not Like Us.’ The song’s masterful tone and flow, supported by Mustard’s production, have made it an instant classic. Many believe this track signifies Kendrick’s victory over Drake in their ongoing feud.

In a normal month, Drake’s ‘Family Matters’ would have been enough to dominate. Despite facing off against Kendrick, the track’s venomous disses and beat switches make it a strong contender for May’s best, especially with that iconic ‘Kendrick just opened his mouth’ line.

MESSIAH!, MAVI, and Ovrkast. united for ‘Silent Heel,’ providing one of the best low-key bangers of the year so far. Underground hip-hop fans are in for a treat with this collaboration.

Key Glock’s ‘F**k Around & Find Out’ continues his strong streak of singles. Known for mastering the Memphis sound, Glock delivers flawless production and flow on this track, showing he’s locked in for 2024.

Roddy Ricch faced a lot of criticism after some recent missteps, but ‘Survivor’s Remorse’ suggests he’s back on track. The song features beautiful choir vocals and emotionally charged lyrics, hinting at a major comeback in his next album.

GloRilla and Megan Thee Stallion’s viral hit ‘Wanna Be’ got a remix featuring Cardi B, adding more energy to an already popular track. Cardi’s verse reaffirmed her status as one of the top women MCs, despite sparking a feud with BIA.

May 2024 was a strong month for rap, offering a mix of introspective lyrics, beef-fueled tracks, and unexpected collaborations. With this much incredible music, the rest of the year has a high bar to meet.

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