ASAP Rocky showed up to back Tariq Nasheed at the premiere of his new documentary, Microphone Check: The Hidden History of Hip-Hop, over Memorial Day weekend. Nasheed posted a picture with Rocky on the red carpet, expressing his gratitude for the support.

“Shout out to A$AP Rocky, Debbie D, and everyone who came out to support the special Memorial Day weekend screenings of our new film #MicrophoneCheck,” Nasheed wrote on social media, sharing pictures from the event. The enthusiastic response to the premiere has been so strong that Nasheed announced plans for another weeklong series of screenings in more cities.

The documentary aims to uncover the true roots of hip-hop. Nasheed spoke with several influential figures for the film, including Grandmaster Melle Mel, Grandmaster Caz, Busy Bee, Sha-Rock, MC Debbie D, Coke La Rock, DJ Hollywood, and more. Interestingly, the film delves into a controversial topic by challenging the narrative that Latinos were co-creators of the genre. “In the last 15 years, there’s been this push by the corporate media to say that Hip-Hop was started by Blacks and Latinos. And they’ve been pushing that narrative real hard. And that’s just not true,” Nasheed remarked. “Not taking anything away from the Latino brothers and sisters, but they came later. And they did phenomenal things. But in the early stages of Hip-Hop, all the pioneers have said this: ‘We was just out there by ourselves. We were doing it by ourselves.’ And the Latino cats were the first students.”

Nasheed’s film purports to set the record straight, offering a fresh perspective on hip-hop’s beginnings. ASAP Rocky’s appearance at the premiere brought additional star power to the event, possibly drawing in even more interest in the documentary.

Keep an eye out for more updates on the new screenings of Microphone Check: The Hidden History of Hip-Hop. It’s clear that the film is already making waves and sparking conversations about hip-hop’s origins.

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