Missy Elliott, a revered icon in the hip hop realm, is setting the stage to celebrate her 53rd birthday in an extraordinary manner. Not only does this special day mark a personal milestone, but it also signals the beginning of her much-anticipated ‘Out of This World Tour.’

This grand event is scheduled to take place at Jerry Moss Plaza in Los Angeles, a fitting venue for an artist known for her dynamic performances and groundbreaking artistry. With live DJs, a dance challenge, and a secretive special surprise, the celebrations promise to be nothing short of spectacular.

Celebrating a Milestone with a Grand Bash

Missy Elliott, a towering figure in the world of hip hop, turned 53 on July 1, and she’s not letting this milestone pass quietly. In true superstar fashion, Elliott is set to throw a monumental birthday bash that doubles as the launch event for her much-anticipated tour. Dubbed ‘Party on the Plaza: An Out of This World Experience,’ this celebration promises a night of exhilarating entertainment featuring live DJs and the presence of her tour dancers.

Details of the Extravaganza

Scheduled for July 10 at Jerry Moss Plaza in Los Angeles, the event is perfectly timed, just a day before Elliott’s ‘Out of This World Tour’ kicks off at the Crypto.com arena. The birthday party and tour launch is expected to draw fans from all corners, eager to participate in the ‘OUT OF THIS WORLD Dance Challenge,’ led by Elliott’s dance team.

Adding to the excitement, a special surprise, which remains tightly under wraps, is anticipated to electrify the attendees, elevating the night to new heights.

A Cultural Beacon

Rachel S. Moore, president and CEO of The Music Center, expressed her enthusiasm about hosting the event. She highlighted the importance of such gatherings in promoting Los Angeles as a hub for artistic and cultural activities.

Moore’s statement underscored the event’s role in boosting the local culture, drawing attention to L.A.’s dynamic dance community.

She encouraged locals to showcase their best dance moves, making it a participatory event where creativity and community spirit could flourish.


Come dance your way #OUTOFTHISWORLD and celebrate my birthday @The Music Center Los Angeles and @Gloria Molina Grand Park on July 10th at 7pm.  Check out the event details at the link in my bio!! And even if you can’t come, you can participate in the dance challenge online. Follow my dance captain @blairchristian to learn the #ootwdance challenge steps now, and tag me in your posts so I can see your moves!

♬ original sound – OOTW Dance Challenge

Tour Highlights

The ‘Out of This World Tour,’ which marks Elliott’s first-ever headline tour, embarked on July 4 in Vancouver. This 24-city trek is set to feature performances in major cities across North America including Houston, Atlanta, New York, and Toronto.

The tour boasts an impressive lineup, with artists like Busta Rhymes, Timbaland, and Ciara joining Elliott, creating a powerhouse ensemble set to deliver show-stopping performances.

Engaging the Fans

Elliott’s approach to this tour and birthday celebration reflects her deep connection with her fans. She has always prioritized fan engagement, making her events more than just concerts—they’re experiences.

By integrating interactive elements like the dance challenge, Elliott fosters a deeper connection with her audience, ensuring that they play an active role in the festivities.

This strategy not only enhances the event’s appeal but also strengthens the bond between Elliott and her fans, making each performance a memorable encounter.

A Trailblazing Journey

This tour is not just another series of concerts for Elliott. It represents a series of firsts in her illustrious career, each show a testament to her groundbreaking impact on the music industry.

Her recent induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as the first female Hip Hop artist cements her legacy as a pioneer who has reshaped the genre.

As Missy Elliott’s grandiose birthday bash and tour kickoff draws near, anticipation mounts among fans and the music community alike. This event is not just a celebration of a milestone year but a symbol of Elliott’s ever-evolving legacy in the music world. It’s a reminder of the power of live music to connect and energize, and an invitation to experience the magic firsthand.

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