Earlier this week, a fake AI-generated sex tape falsely claiming to feature Megan Thee Stallion surfaced online, sparking outrage among her fans.

The scandal broke amid Megan’s “Hot Girl Summer” tour with GloRilla, and just before her show in Tampa. Fans, known as the ‘Hotties,’ were quick to voice their support for the Houston-born star, flooding social media with messages of love and solidarity. #WELOVEYOUMEGAN trended on Twitter/X, as followers rallied to defend her against the malicious attack.

Megan herself took to Twitter to address the issue, expressing her distress and frustration. “It’s really sick how yall go out of the way to hurt me when you see me winning,” she tweeted. “Yall going too far, Fake a** s**t. Just know today was your last day playing with me and I mean it.”

During a recent performance of her song “Cobra,” Megan appeared visibly emotional, almost breaking into tears. The song’s empowering lyrics seemed to resonate even more deeply amid the controversy, showcasing the artist’s emotional resilience.

The Hotties’ outpouring of support underscores the strong bond between Megan and her fans. Even in the face of such negative and provocative actions, her fanbase remains fiercely loyal, reminding everyone that her legacy is untouchable despite any fake and cruel attempts. Social media has been flooded with kind words and messages of encouragement for the rapper, reinforcing her standing as a respected and loved figure in the music industry.

Through it all, Megan Thee Stallion has shown immense strength and vulnerability, proving that no amount of fake news can undermine her success and the unwavering support of her fans. The Hotties continue to stand by her, ensuring that her legacy remains unblemished.

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