Yung Miami made headlines recently when she expressed her admiration for Rihanna, revealing her goal to reach the singer’s level of success. The 30-year-old rapper reshared a post from The Shade Room about Rihanna’s new haircare line, captioning it with, ‘WHO I ASPIRE TO BE!!!! THAT BAG & STATUS DIFFERENT.’

The internet was quick to react, and not all responses were supportive. One person commented, ‘Please keep Rihanna name out of your mouth! Because you got miles/years to go before you’d be anything like our Riri!!’ Another bluntly added, ‘Girl u reaching too high w all that ratchet shit u be doing. Riri would never.’

However, some fans were more encouraging. Comments like ‘Yung Miami she can do anything she sets her attentions on!!’ and ‘How can yall have anything negative to say about this?! She’s inspired!’ showed that not everyone was against her ambition.

Amid this social media frenzy, it’s worth noting that Yung Miami may be pursuing solo ventures more frequently. Last month, she hinted that City Girls, the duo she’s known for with rapper JT, might be over for good. In a Complex interview, she discussed the poor reception of their last album and the growing distance between them. ‘I think when the City Girls album dropped and it didn’t do too well… we were just in two different spaces,’ she said.

Yung Miami elaborated on how their personal growth led to the drift: ‘We’re older now, and she was doing her own thing on the West Coast, I’m in Miami doing my own thing… When we get together as a group, it just wasn’t connecting, it just wasn’t working no more.’ She concluded, ‘We should probably just do our own shit. That was the point for me.’

Yung Miami’s aspiration to emulate Rihanna has sparked a mix of ridicule and support online. While her ambition seems to have polarized her audience, it also underscores her desire to carve out her own path amid changing personal and professional dynamics.

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