YG is making waves again, and this time it’s through a series of Instagram stories that have everyone talking. Fresh from his latest single “WEIRD,” the rapper is up to his usual antics, throwing shade and keeping fans guessing about his targets.

Fresh off his single “WEIRD” from the upcoming mixtape Just Re’d Up 3, YG is stirring the pot again. The mixtape, a continuation of a series that started back in 2011, might be something new fans haven’t caught up with yet. As he celebrates the 10-year anniversary of his breakthrough album, My Krazy Life, YG isn’t holding back.

In a recent series of Instagram story posts, the rapper called out “scandalous” people, hinting that if he starts acting up, people will say he’s tripping. The first post was general, but the second one seemed to target a specific individual without naming them. He wrapped up his posts with a promise to be “slappin sh*t all summer.”

Fans are speculating wildly about who he’s talking about. Some jokingly suggest it could be his girlfriend, Saweetie, while others think it might be a publicity stunt for his mixtape, which drops next week.

A particular lyric from “WEIRD” has some fans thinking YG might be referencing the ongoing beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. Drake’s diss track mentions YG, which might not have sat well with him. In the song, Drake raps, “When it’s smoke, don’t ever mention my name (mention my name) You gon’ have me jeopardizing my fame, jeopardizing the gang, jeopardizing where you hang, n**ga.”

What YG is really up to with his Instagram rant is still anyone’s guess, but it’s clear he’s got everyone talking. Whether it’s a publicity stunt or genuine frustrations, YG knows how to keep his name buzzing.

YG’s latest social media activity has certainly stirred the pot, leaving fans to theorize and speculate about his true intentions. With his mixtape dropping soon, all eyes will be on him to see what unfolds next.

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