Brooklyn rapper Your Old Droog has just revealed some major contributors to his upcoming album, ‘Movie,’ set to release on June 21.

Yasiin Bey, Just Blaze, and Madlib are among the notable artists featured on the album. Your Old Droog shared his excitement on social media, giving a shoutout to Madlib, Yasiin Bey, Just Blaze, Harry Fraud, Conductor, and Ohbliv for their contributions. ‘Can’t wait for yall to hear it,’ he wrote on Twitter.

This album has been a labor of love for Droog, taking nearly two years to complete. He hinted at the emotional significance of ‘Movie,’ stating, ‘It took almost two years to complete and it’s finally here. One day it just came to me…’.

A few weeks prior to this, Droog collaborated with Madlib and Black Thought on a track titled ‘Reekyod.’ With production by Madlib, the song features both Black Thought and Droog trading bars. Black Thought raps, ‘They say the root of all evil is light green/ Make many a wife leave pursuing the right dream/ I met a few on the last train from nowhere/ The reason I reside in the fast lane is to go there.’ Droog follows with, ‘Never wanted fame, I came to dissolve this/ Conspiracy theory and clear me of the false charges/ Rescue your ears from that hot garbage/ Everything I spit shine, I’ma get mine regardless.’ Released under Madlib’s Madlib Invazion label, it’s still unclear if ‘Reekyod’ will be included in ‘Movie.’

Black Thought has praised Your Old Droog’s talent, naming him one of his current favorite MCs, despite initially thinking Droog sounded too much like Nas. During an appearance on Questlove’s podcast in December, Black Thought shared, ‘I met him on the road opening up for Royce and DJ Premier during their PRhyme tour and we sort of hit it off. I talk about mentorship and, you know, just artists that we share demos with one another and I’m able to offer wisdom […] he’s been one of those artists.’

With ‘Movie’ dropping soon, fans are eagerly awaiting to see the fusion of talents from Yasiin Bey, Just Blaze, Madlib, and more. Given the effort and time poured into this project, it’s shaping up to be something special.

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