It’s no secret that Tamar Braxton’s relationship with Jeremy “JR” Robinson is controversial, but according to him, she should be willing to defend him regardless.

Recently, Tamar Braxton sat down for an interview with Carlos King, who didn’t hold back on throwing shade JR’s way. King mocked JR’s appearance by repeatedly calling him “Colonel Sanders.” He even accused Braxton of trying to hide her engagement by not wearing her ring. Tamar laughed off the jokes at the moment, but JR’s reaction on social media seems to have made her rethink her response.

Shortly after the interview, JR took to social media to express his displeasure, emphasizing that nobody stood up for him. “Your shade creates uncertainty and your people thrive on stating what you never say,” he posted. “I’m too graceful and that’s coming to an end.”

Earlier today, Braxton addressed the situation with a heartfelt apology on her Instagram Story. “When you truly love someone, hurting the person that you love is far worse than being hurt BY the one you love,” she wrote. “I’m new to true love and loving myself. I’m so sorry that it’s you that has to feel the trial and error.”

She continued, “I wish for the opportunity to give an apology and be forgiven in it ALL. In relationships, we take being forgiven for granted. It’s a blessing to be able to say I’m sorry and see another day in the war of love in this together. No matter how much I feel like I was right…you felt wronged. And I gotta respect that.”

Braxton concluded her apology by saying, “I’m not embarrassed for being open about how I feel… I’m embarrassed of how I made you feel, I’m sorry.”

Tamar Braxton’s public apology highlights the complexities of their relationship and her willingness to own up to her mistakes. This episode serves as a reminder that even public figures face challenges in navigating love and respect.

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