• One of the Bronx’s hottest drill rappers, Set Da Trend, faces a downward spiral.
  • Street drama and snitching rumors have severely impacted his career.
  • Set Da Trend lost key allies and faced tragedy, including the violent loss of close friends.
  • Former friends and collaborators are now at odds with him.
  • His musical output has drastically declined in recent times.

Set Da Trend, a rising star from the Bronx, initially made his mark in the drill rap scene. Despite a troubled youth involving petty crimes like breaking windows and stealing from corner shops, he managed to balance school and sports, particularly basketball. However, his focus on sports waned as he delved deeper into street life, racking up robbery charges by 2016 and 2017.

Around this time, rap became his escape route. Motivated by increasing legal troubles and the tragic death of his father due to diabetes, Set Da Trend threw himself into music. He began to gain traction, forming connections with other emerging Bronx drill rappers like C Blu, K Flock, and his cousins Yagi B and Joe Banz. His track ‘Flam Him’ with Joe Banz and K Flock solidified his presence in the drill scene.

Despite early success, Set Da Trend faced multiple tragedies. His best friend Ndot Loki (Nazzi) was murdered at age 16, and soon after, another close ally, J Rip, was killed. These losses fueled his music, but they also added to his burden. He took personal responsibility for Nazzi’s daughter, further intensifying his emotional strain.

Set Da Trend’s career took another hit when he started beefing with former friends and allies. Issues with Be Love and C Blu surfaced, leading to diss tracks and public feuds. Although they attempted to reconcile, underlying tensions remained. A track called ‘Brotherly Hate’ highlighted these conflicts, further splintering their relationships.

The situation worsened with allegations of snitching against Set Da Trend. Paperwork supposedly proving he cooperated with authorities in 2017 emerged, although he claims it’s fake. This severely damaged his credibility and led to further isolation. Even his cousins turned against him, airing their grievances publicly on social media.

As a result, Set Da Trend’s musical output has suffered. His recent album struggled to gain traction, with most songs failing to reach 100,000 streams. The combination of personal tragedies, beefs with former allies, and snitching rumors has left his career in jeopardy, with a diminishing fanbase and lower music production.

Unless Set Da Trend finds a way to turn things around, he risks losing more friends and fans, effectively ending his career.

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