Bronx rapper ScarLip found herself at the center of controversy after posting clips from her latest music video, ‘She’s Hot,’ where she was seen twerking in a revealing outfit. The backlash from fans came swiftly, with many criticizing the new visual direction.

On Thursday, June 13, ScarLip shared behind-the-scenes footage on Instagram from her new music video ‘She’s Hot.’ The video showed her in short shorts with a group of women at a car wash, a scene that quickly drew ire from some fans. Comments ranged from concerns about her image being ‘sexualized’ to pleas for her to maintain her ‘gangsta’ persona.

That night, ScarLip took to Instagram again to address the backlash. She began her video statement with an apology: ‘I want to say I apologize to all of y’all and anybody I offended. I did not mean to.’ She reassured her fans that the new direction wasn’t something she was coerced into. ‘No one’s forcing me to do anything. I promise that… I come up with these things in my head, these crazy ideas. I want you guys to grow with me. Don’t put me in a box.’

ScarLip continued by emphasizing her desire for artistic freedom. ‘I’m always gonna give y’all that street shit… But I wanna tap into what’s in me and let it out! There’s something in me that just wants to come out.’ She also thanked her label and Swizz Beatz for giving her the creative freedom to explore different facets of her artistry. ‘I appreciate Swizz Beatz and my label for allowing me to explore as an artist.’

Despite her explanation, the release of the ‘She’s Hot’ video on Friday, June 14, brought more mixed reactions. Some fans expressed disappointment, feeling she had strayed too far from her roots. One commenter said, ‘I started following you because you gave old school female rappers. This makes me not even wanna listen to be honest.’

However, not all reactions were negative. Many fans supported ScarLip’s new creative direction. Comments like ‘The way y’all saying ‘this is not her’ how do YOU know? Go Scar!!’ and ‘She can be more than one thing y’all. Let baby girl LIVE!’ showed that she still had plenty of backing from her supporters.

In a response to critics, ScarLip defended her choices in the comment section, writing, ‘Guys, I’m literally rapping like a man talking about putting my thumb in a girls … also, I balanced it and some scenes. I’m super hard and dominant and in one scene I’m girly [shrugging emoji, three flame emojis] let artist create freely.’

ScarLip remains steadfast in her commitment to artistic freedom, encouraging fans to grow with her as she explores different aspects of her creativity. While reactions to her latest video have been mixed, the rising star continues to push boundaries and express herself authentically.

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