Patti LaBelle is not letting age slow her down. The legendary soul singer turned 80 on May 24, and she has plans to celebrate the milestone birthday with a new album. LaBelle went on Entertainment Tonight to discuss the upcoming release, and she made it clear that one person towers above all the rest when it comes to her dream collaborator list. She wants to get in the studio with Cardi B, of all people, and churn out a hit with the “Bodak Yellow” rapper as soon as possible.

“She’s like one of my new best friends,” LaBelle told the outlet. “To know that [Cardi] was into Patti LaBelle. She’s like my new buddy.” The icon also announced the title and tentative release date for her upcoming, hopefully Cardi-featuring album. “It should be out at the end of this year and it’s called 8065,” she explained. “I’m 80 years young and 65 years in show business.”

The notion of Patti LaBelle and Cardi B linking up may seem bizarre at first glance, but the two have actually been friendly in the past.

LaBelle praised the rapper during a Tamron Hall appearance in 2023. “I’ve always wanted to meet [Cardi],” she admitted. “And when I met her she said, ‘I’m just so excited to meet you.’ She’s not a diva. She’s a beautiful spirit.” The singer went as far as to refer to Cardi as “baby Patti” after they collaborated on a Good Life/Whipshots marketing partnership.

The admiration is mutual. When Cardi was asked about the aforementioned partnership, she admitted to being starstruck. “I feel like I’m not worthy, I just feel so shook,” she told People. “I got to take [inspiration] from [her].”

The irony of a potential Patti LaBelle and Cardi B song is that it would appear on an album by the former instead of the latter. LaBelle has dozens of albums to her name, dating back to the 1960s, but Cardi only has one. The rapper has kept fans waiting for the follow up to her acclaimed debut, Invasion of Privacy. She recently announced that it would not be coming in 2024. “Anyway NO album this year,” she tweeted in May. “I don’t care I’m relaxing this year. Dropping these features I already committed to and traveling and enjoying my summer.” Hopefully LaBelle is one of these alleged features.

Patti LaBelle’s admiration for Cardi B and her eagerness to collaborate is both surprising and delightful. As fans await LaBelle’s album ‘8065,’ set for release at the end of the year, the anticipation for a possible track featuring Cardi B continues to build.

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