KAYTRANADA’s latest album, Timeless, features a heartfelt tribute to Lupe Fiasco that has fans buzzing.

On June 8, the Haitian-Canadian artist responded to a tweet that pointed out a familiar sound in his new album’s opening track. A fan tweeted, “I’m not the only one who hears revenge of the nerds x [Lupe Fiasco] as soon as those horns start on the new @KAYTRANADA album, right?” KAYTRANADA confirmed this, writing, “Pressure is a tribute from the same titled song on Lupe’s Food & Liquor. One of my favorite songs.”

Lupe Fiasco, who originally released his Food & Liquor mixtape to critical acclaim in 2006, noticed the shoutout and responded with a tornado and prayer-hand emoji. The original track, featuring JAY-Z, is considered one of the highlights of the album that defined an era in Hip Hop.

Just last month, Lupe Fiasco announced his new album, Samurai, which will drop on June 28. It includes eight tracks produced by his long-time collaborator Soundtrakk. Lupe also released a music video for his single “Samurai,” showcasing him rapping around his hometown.

Speaking about his new album, Lupe shared, “I sometimes get tagged by my fans as not doing personal records. But I always tell people there’s me in there if you listen closely enough. This album is one of my more personal records to date. It’s not a full biography, but my personal experiences are tied up in all of my music. A lot of the records are me. Some are from the POV of a character and some are me. The album weaves things from my life as an artist, touching on things other artists go through.”

Lupe also delved into the experience of working with Soundtrakk and his manager Charles “Chilly” Patton, who was recently released from prison after 16 years. “It felt great to be back in the studio again as a family,” he said. He explained that the album’s title, Samurai, reflects the concept of service. “My relationship to that word has always meant that you need to be at the service of other people, either in the overall community, or in this instance, the rap community at large that I’ve been a part of for years. You have some duty, some purpose to serve. The title alone is very important to me. Before rap even, martial arts was my whole life, and it still plays a huge role in my life. The album is me, but also inspired by a quote I heard from one of my favorite artists.”

As fans eagerly anticipate Lupe Fiasco’s new album, KAYTRANADA’s tribute serves as a touching nod to an influential artist who continues to inspire the hip-hop community. Both artists exemplify how personal experiences and creative collaborations can produce music that resonates deeply.

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