Let’s dive right into the chaos that unfolded last week in Cannes, where a viral brawl involving Travis Scott, Alexander “AE” Edwards, and Southside grabbed all the headlines.

Initially, rumors had people thinking it was Travis Scott and Tyga in the heat of the moment, but turns out, Tyga was just a bystander, chilling in the DJ booth. The real action was between Scott, his buddy Southside, and Edwards. Things went south at Richie Akiva’s party after a shout-out turned sour, making Scott furious enough to smash a microphone and storm off.

Edwards tried to calm him down, but Scott instead gathered Southside, and boom—a full-blown fight erupted. Despite the chaos, nobody was seriously injured, a fact confirmed later by Edwards himself.

Recently, TMZ caught up with Edwards at LAX. Playing it cool, he claimed that everyone involved is “all good” now. Shouting out Southside, Edwards emphasized that there are no hard feelings. “I don’t got no hard feelings. It is what it is, it went how it went, and that’s it,” he said. “I don’t want to fight, I don’t initiate that sh*t.”

However, Edwards did admit that he hasn’t personally talked things out with Scott yet. When asked if he had any message for Scott and his crew, he simply stated, “They got the message.”

So, while the dust has seemingly settled on this Cannes caper, the direct communication between Scott and Edwards remains in limbo. Let’s see how it unfolds from here.

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