The 6 God is at it again, showing love to artists around the globe.

Drake loves to co-sign international artists, whether he’s singing along to their music or tagging them on social media. Some of these co-signs lead to collaborations, while others simply boost the profile of the artist involved. Octavian, the French-British rapper, finds himself in the latter category. Drake has been a fan since 2018 when he was spotted rapping to Octavian’s song at a Golden Globes party.

Octavian has been grinding ever since, but Drake is still very much a fan. On May 23, Drake posted a clip from Octavian’s new single, ‘I See You,’ on his Instagram Stories. The song has been gaining attention online, and once you hear it, you’ll understand why Drake likes it. ‘I See You’ samples Drake’s 2020 track ‘Chicago Freestyle,’ particularly the Giveon chorus from the original song, which really shines through in Octavian’s hook. It’s a smart choice for a sample, especially considering ‘Chicago Freestyle’ is one of Drake’s underrated gems.

Octavian took the shout-out in stride, posting a screenshot of Drake’s IG Story on his own account with a tag @champagnepapi, accompanied by a sword and black heart emoji. It’s perfect timing for Octavian, as Drake has been in the spotlight more than usual lately. The world has been watching how Drake would respond after his highly publicized battle with Kendrick Lamar.

Rather than letting it get to him, Drake seems unbothered. He was spotted at a WNBA game the week of May 19 and even dropped a new verse on Sexxy Red’s single ‘U My Everything,’ flipping the viral ‘BBL Drizzy’ beat to suggest he can hook girls up with a BBL if they want one. Although the new single is expected to perform well, it hasn’t been universally loved.

Drake’s endorsement is always a big deal, and Octavian’s ‘I See You’ is already benefiting from the attention. With Drake’s co-sign and a catchy sample, Octavian might be on his way to reaching new heights in his career.

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