In a shocking turn of events, Diddy has finally addressed the infamous 2016 video that resurfaced recently, showing him assaulting Cassie in an LA hotel room. The disturbing footage, which has been making rounds since October 2023, left no room for ambiguity as Diddy was seen hitting, dragging, and kicking Cassie.

The video has caused an uproar, especially among his peers who initially remained silent but are now voicing their disapproval. Many tried to give Diddy the benefit of the doubt, but the video evidence was too damning to ignore.

Diddy released a statement where he admitted to hitting rock bottom and taking full responsibility for his actions. He expressed disgust with himself and mentioned seeking professional help through therapy and rehab. He asked for mercy and grace, emphasizing his commitment to becoming a better man each day. However, he made it clear he wasn’t asking for forgiveness but was truly sorry for his actions.

The response to Diddy’s statement has been mixed. While some acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes and goes through dark times, they argue that not everyone commits such violent acts. Critics believe Diddy’s apology is driven more by the fact that he got caught rather than genuine remorse. They question why he didn’t address these demons earlier, especially when the incident happened years ago.

Many feel that this is an attempt at damage control since the incident is now public. The timing of his apology only adds to the skepticism, leading to a broader discussion on accountability and genuine contrition in situations involving violence against women.

Diddy’s attempt to address the 2016 incident has opened up a Pandora’s box of opinions and debates. Whether his apology is seen as sincere or a mere act of damage control, the impact of the video and the subsequent reactions continue to ripple through the public and his peers.

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