It’s the latest adorable clip from the recent new parent. Halle Bailey and DDG’s surprise pregnancy was one of the biggest stories of early 2024. Though the couple tried to keep their impending baby a secret, there was tons of speculation online in advance of the child’s birth and those speculating were ultimately correct.

Though Halle later clarified the reasons behind her secrecy, it was her sister Chloe who was the loudest voice refuting rumors during the actual pregnancy. She found herself in hot water with some fans for criticizing them for speculating even though they were ultimately right.

Since the birth of Halle and DDG’s son, it’s been a parade of adorable parenting moves. Firstly, they revealed that the baby’s name was “Halo,” something that Halle confessed his father originally came up with. Back in March, the two parents shared an adorable video of their reaction to the baby’s first words.

Now they’re going viral once again for another one of Halo’s firsts. A video of him learning to jump, or at least making progress towards learning to jump, has fans once again declaring him to be completely adorable.

While there’s been plenty of wholesome moments already since DDG and Halle Bailey became new parents, there’s also been some controversies. Back in February, a picture of Halo being held by his father with just one hand made the rounds online. Fans criticized him for the picture but he clapped back a few days later.

The couple has also faced breakup rumors at various points in the past few months. Despite that, they at least appear to still be an item according to a recent discussion of potential marriage plans.

What do you think of the adorable new video of DDG reacting to his son learning how to jump for the first time? What’s been your favorite viral moment from him and Halle Bailey’s son Halo so far?

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