Cipha Sounds and Noah ’40’ Shebib had a heated exchange this week over a perceived slight, but their issues date back to the feud between Pusha T and Drake.

On the latest episode of his ‘Juan Ep Is Life’ podcast with Peter Rosenberg, Cipha revealed that 40 recently called him a ‘bitch’ and threatened to ‘smack’ him in the mouth. This outburst followed an Instagram post by Cipha’s social media manager, featuring photos of Cipha in Toronto with Dave Chappelle accompanied by Kendrick Lamar’s Drake diss, ‘Not Like Us.’

Cipha clarified that he did not actually play the song in Toronto; it was merely a choice by his social media manager. He then shared another misunderstanding he had with 40. ‘One time I put up a picture of me and Pusha T. Random. Cause I just go through my phone, I look for old pictures and I put stuff up. Random,’ he recalled. ’40 hit me up,

Yo why’d you put that picture up?

Don’t even know what picture he’s talking about.’

Once Cipha realized it was the picture with Pusha T, he explained that he was posting more content to improve his social media presence. However, 40 wasn’t buying it. ‘Yo he disrespected me, he disrupted my community, he said he wanted me dead because of the MS and all that shit,’ 40 had responded. Cipha admitted, ‘I was like,

Oh, again, I don’t listen to lyrics like that. I know you and Pusha and your team had beef. I didn’t know he said that specifically.’,

Cipha has significant ties to Pusha T, having been the A&R for The Clipse’s sophomore album and breaking their debut single ‘Grindin’ in New York City. Despite his ties, he took the picture down out of respect. ‘We had a conversation, I took it down,’ Cipha said. He then pondered why a similar resolution couldn’t have been reached in their recent disagreement, noting that 40 has since blocked him.

Pusha T’s 2018 diss track targeting Drake is one of the most brutal attacks in Hip Hop history. Pusha T apparently has no intention of getting involved in Drake’s ongoing beef with Kendrick Lamar. In a recent clip from the Joe Budden Podcast, co-host Ice shared that Pusha T is not concerned about the turmoil, having already claimed victory with ‘The Story of Adidon.’

Joe Budden pointed out the risks Drake took by mentioning Kendrick Lamar’s wife in his track. Budden recalled how fiercely Pusha T had retaliated against Drake a few years back. Co-host Ice asserted that minor details in Drake’s recent track don’t matter to Pusha T. ‘I talked to Push [for] about two hours Saturday — just laughing, just laughing,’ he said. ‘He ain’t thinking about this shit, bruh. He’s laughing; he got his already.’

Pusha T himself seemed indifferent to Drake’s current feuds, engaging with a tweet that said, ‘I just wanted to point out that after all these years of mob talk from Drake, nobody ever laid a finger on @PUSHA_T,’ to which he replied, ‘Not a pinky nail… [crying face emoji].’

The recent spat between Cipha Sounds and Noah ’40’ Shebib serves as a reminder of the lasting impact of the Pusha T-Drake feud. Misunderstandings and old grudges continue to bubble up, but for now, it seems the two are at an impasse.

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