Bhad Bhabie has given a raw and heart-wrenching update regarding her tumultuous relationship with her child’s father, Le Vaughn, following shocking abuse claims that have left fans in turmoil.

Over the weekend, Bhad Bhabie, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli, shared alarming home security footage on her Instagram Stories. The footage allegedly shows Le Vaughn physically abusing her by repeatedly throwing her to the floor. The distressing videos were accompanied by close-up photos of Bregoli’s face, showing severe injuries such as cuts and a badly swollen eye. The graphic nature of these posts left many of her fans concerned and appalled.

In a separate post, Danielle expressed her love for Le Vaughn despite the abuse, stating, “This man think he gonna take my daughter from me! Say whatever you want but tryna take my baby is crazy.” She also explained, “I love him more than I love myself” and admitted that leaving is easier said than done. She hoped by sharing the footage, Le Vaughn would realize he needs to change, emphasizing that such extreme abuse isn’t frequent, though that hardly made it any less serious.

Further complicating the situation, Danielle posted a photo of their baby, captioned, “All I ever care about,” but one commenter harshly criticized her, suggesting that she should leave Le Vaughn for the safety of her child. Bhad Bhabie shot back, incredulous at the assumption she was staying with him. “I wasn’t gonna speak on this but who said I was staying?” she replied. “What about that post made y’all think I’m staying? Bc I said I love him? Bc I said he’s gonna get help? I’m so confused and apparently so are yall.”

Back in March, the couple was already in the spotlight for a public confrontation at a West Hollywood restaurant. Their argument, escalated by witnesses recording the scene, led to a brawl involving Bhad Bhabie’s entourage. Despite the chaos, she and Le Vaughn were seen leaving the restaurant together, and shortly afterward, Danielle gave birth to their daughter, Kali.

Bregoli’s representatives later clarified that the argument in the restaurant started because onlookers were filming her and her friends, which led to someone at their table reacting protectively. Danielle tried to calm the situation, but it spiraled out of control. The recent posts and public confrontations have only fueled the fans’ concern for Danielle and baby Kali’s well-being.

Danielle’s recent revelations have left fans worried about her safety and that of her daughter. Her social media updates show a young woman struggling with love, fear, and the desire for change, making it unclear what her next steps might be.

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