J. Cole’s recent trip to a Tesla dealership turned into an unexpected scene. On June 3, a fan noticed the Dreamville rapper shopping for a Cybertruck and observed that the dealer’s manager didn’t recognize him. Instead, the manager focused on the fan, urging them to place an order for the car.

The fan captured the moment on video and shared it on social media, stating, ‘J. Cole & I shopping for Teslas at the same time while the manager kept ignoring him because he didn’t know who he was & continued persuading me to place the order for a car [melting face emoji].’ Despite being one of the most popular rappers, J. Cole’s celebrity status went unnoticed in this instance.

This isn’t the first time J. Cole has been seen blending in with the public rather than moving like a celebrity. Not long ago, during a high-profile feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, a TikTok user shared a video of encountering Cole at the beach. The video showed calming ocean waves, followed by a photo of J. Cole casually sitting on the sand with headphones and a laptop, looking unbothered by the ongoing drama.

In a different scenario, J. Cole withdrew from the conflict with Kendrick Lamar and Drake after sparking it with a track called ‘7 Minute Drill,’ which was a response to Kendrick’s verse on Future and Metro Boomin’s ‘Like That.’ Shortly after releasing the diss track, Cole offered a public apology to Kendrick at his Dreamville Festival and promised to remove the track from streaming services, a vow he honored. Addressing the audience, Cole expressed his regret, ‘I’m so proud of [Might Delete Later], except for one part. It’s one part of that shit that makes me feel like, man, that’s the lamest shit I did in my fuckin’ life.’ He explained his conflicted feelings, stating he respected and admired his peers and found it hard to continue with the beef despite public pressure.


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Cole’s low-key demeanor continues to redefine what it means to be a celebrity in the hip-hop world. Whether it’s shopping for a Tesla or sitting quietly on a beach amidst industry drama, J. Cole seems to navigate his fame on his own terms.

For J. Cole, the incident at the Tesla dealership is just another example of his understated celebrity lifestyle. Whether recognized or not, he continues to live authentically and handle his fame in a manner that bucks the norm.

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