Andre 3000 recently got choked up while paying tribute to his late friend and longtime collaborator Rico Wade during the Atlanta Jazz Festival.

Andre 3000 reflected on the significant influence Rico Wade had on his personal life and music career. He recalled how Wade, who passed away earlier this year at 52 due to heart failure, had always ensured his raps were on point. ‘The last time we were here, we did a residency about five, six shows, and Rico Wade showed up. Now, one thing y’all don’t know about Rico, Rico Wade…’ Andre paused to compose himself before continuing, ‘Sorry, y’all. Rico Wade… So Rico Wade made sure my raps were tight. There were times where I would say a rap to Rico in his ears, and he would walk off like,

That ain’t good enough.

So just for a moment, I want y’all to make some noise for King Rico.’

Andre wasn’t alone in his tribute. Other artists like Big Boi and Killer Mike have also honored Wade following his passing. At the festival, Andre continued, ‘Dungeon Family all day. I wouldn’t be here on this stage or able to do any of this. I wouldn’t have the confidence to do any of this if it weren’t for Dungeon Family. They raised me. My family taught me how to dream. Taught me how to dream and go for it. Big Boi taught me how to dream, get at it, and go for it. The Dungeon was the grounds for a lot of things. Our entire thing was to keep pushing, keep stretching out.’

The group also gathered for a cookout over Memorial Day weekend in Wade’s honor, underscoring the close bonds they shared. Andre 3000’s emotional tribute was a heartfelt reminder of the deep impact Rico Wade had on those around him and the legacy he leaves behind.

Andre 3000’s heartfelt tribute at the Atlanta Jazz Festival was a poignant reminder of Rico Wade’s enduring influence on hip-hop and the strong bonds within the Dungeon Family.

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