Yung Miami marked a deeply emotional day on social media.

  • It’s been four years since the father of her child, Jai Wiggins, passed away.
  • Yung Miami shared heartfelt messages and memories of Jai.
  • Fans offered their support and condolences to the City Girls star.
  • She expressed her ongoing struggle with the loss and its impact on her and her son.

The father of Yung Miami’s child, Jai Wiggins, passed away weeks before their son’s seventh birthday. Known for her upbeat, outspoken demeanor, Yung Miami has faced a great deal of hardship. In 2020, Jai Wiggins died from a shooting. In the past, she felt she never got the chance to properly mourn his loss due to her busy career. Now, she’s reflecting on his life on the fourth anniversary of his death.

She took to her Instagram Story today to share some photos of her late ex posing with their son. “4 yrs wow,” she wrote, adding crying and broken-hearted emojis.

On Twitter, she expressed her feelings about the anniversary. “It’s been 4 yrs since my bd passed he died 2 weeks before my son 7th birthday my son turning 11 in 2 weeks ahhhhh,” she wrote. “I’m trying not to cry today but the rain is not making it no better.”

Countless fans empathized with Yung Miami as she reflected on her heartbreaking loss and sent their condolences. In 2022, she had shared an emotional post about his death, praising him for being a wonderful father to their son. “You & Jai is peanut butter & jelly always together one thing about you, you don’t play about your son! So humble, quiet & uplifting. I hate this happen to you Jai you didn’t deserve this! Jai need you,” she shared.

Followers have seen Yung Miami express sadness over Jai’s passing in the past, but this anniversary brought a fresh wave of emotions as she reminisced about his life and their time together.

Yung Miami continues to honor Jai Wiggins’ memory while navigating the enduring pain of his loss.

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