Rapper Trina recently set the record straight about her relationship with Nicki Minaj. Amidst a flurry of rap beefs involving big names like Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Cardi B, and others, fans speculated that there might be tension between Trina and Nicki as well. However, Trina cleared up these rumors during a recent interview.

Fans have been buzzing about various rap feuds, especially between Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj. Megan threw shade at Nicki’s husband in her song ‘HISS,’ which led Nicki to respond with a diss track titled ‘Big Foot.’ While this track didn’t get much love outside of Nicki’s dedicated Barbz fan base, it stirred up enough drama to make fans wonder if Trina and Nicki had their own beef.

In the interview, Trina emphasized that there’s no bad blood between her and Nicki Minaj. She addressed her recent comments about Beyoncé being the queen of rap, clarifying that her statement was not intended to diss Nicki. Trina simply believes Beyoncé holds that title over everyone else. Despite Trina’s reassurances, some fans remain skeptical about the absence of tension between the two.

Currently, Nicki Minaj is on her Pink Friday 2 tour and has faced some hiccups along the way. During the European leg of the tour, she was arrested in Amsterdam on drug charges, sparking viral videos and criticism about her treatment by the police. Despite these challenges, Nicki announced a second North American leg of her tour, with tickets already on sale and fans eager to catch her live performances.

So, according to Trina, there’s no drama between her and Nicki Minaj, and her comments on Beyoncé were just about her admiration for Queen Bey. Whether fans believe it or not, both artists seem to be focusing on their careers. Nicki continues her tour, while Trina remains vocal about her musical views.

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