Daz Dillinger and Kurupt are pulling out all the stops for their new album, W.A.W.G. (We All We Got). The West Coast legends are not only back together after years of differences, but they’ve also created an album teeming with big-name collaborations and nostalgic nods to the glory days of Death Row Records.

While Snoop Dogg isn’t officially a member of Tha Dogg Pound, he’s prominently featured on eight of the fourteen tracks, making him an honorary third member. Plus, Snoop’s influence is all over this album, given that it’s being released through his Death Row Records.

Kurupt and Daz have also roped in other Death Row veterans. Lady of Rage and RBX lend their iconic voices to the album’s closing track, reconnecting with fans who remember their contributions to Dr. Dre’s The Chronic. And let’s not forget Butch Cassidy, who, while not a Death Row original, has a rich history with its artists and adds his unique flavor to several tracks.

On the production side, Daz is showcasing his adaptability. Instead of sticking to the old formula, he handed the reins over to modern maestros like Mike & Keys, known for their LA sound, and Rick Rock, who brings his Hyphy magic to two tracks. There’s even a track featuring DJ Premier, promising some hard-hitting beats.

Here’s a sneak peek at the W.A.W.G. tracklist: Intro (featuring Snoop Dogg), Smoke Up (featuring Snoop Dogg), We All We Got (featuring Tha Eastsidaz & Snoop Dogg), Imma Dog, Need Some Space (featuring Blxst), Favorite Color Blue, Inside of Her (featuring Butch Cassidy), House Party (featuring Snoop Dogg), After Hours (featuring DaBaby, Snoop Dogg & Butch Cassidy), LA Kind of Love (featuring Will.i.am), Grown Up (featuring Snoop Dogg), The Weekend (featuring Jane Hancock & October London), Always on My Mind (featuring Snoop Dogg & Butch Cassidy), Who Da Hardest (featuring Lady of Rage, RBX & Snoop Dogg).

W.A.W.G. is shaping up to be an exciting mix of old-school vibes and fresh beats, reuniting fans with the classic Death Row sound while also pushing boundaries with new collaborations. Tha Dogg Pound is definitely back, and they’ve brought some heavyweight friends along for the ride.

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