Gillie Da Kid found himself in the hot seat when NFL star CJ Stroud challenged his opinion on the ongoing rap feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

During a recent episode of the ‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game’ podcast, CJ Stroud, quarterback for the Houston Texans, didn’t hold back as he addressed Gillie Da Kid, known fondly as ‘Unc,’ about his take on the diss tracks exchanged between Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

Stroud sharply told Gillie, ‘You said that last diss wasn’t better! I’ma check you right now, Unc. You tripping. We know you want the [Drake] interview.’ In response, Gillie defended his stance, arguing that interview opportunities don’t sway his opinions. ‘This is the misconception,’ Gillie shot back. ‘Bro, whether we interview someone or not, our checks still the same … Let’s talk facts. The first two diss records from Kendrick was just … eh.’

Undeterred, Stroud pointed out that the final diss track from Kendrick, ‘Not Like Us,’ was a game-changer. ‘Then the last one — he turned the whole city up! But after it came out, you said Drake winning. And I rock with Drake. Drake probably one of the hardest out. You can’t take away what Drake did. Kendrick too — I fuck with both of them,’ Stroud said. ‘But just like football, if we lost, we lost.’

Gillie eventually conceded that Kendrick’s ‘Not Like Us’ was indeed impactful, yet he stood by his support for Drake. Following the release of Drake’s ‘The Heart Part 6,’ Gillie went on Instagram proclaiming Drake as the winner. ‘It’s over with! Light-skinned n-ggas won. They took that shit, man. That shit over with, man. Kendrick can’t come back,’ he declared confidently.

This opinion didn’t sit well with everyone. Gillie’s Instagram comments were flooded with criticism. ‘Gillie really losing all credibility,’ one user wrote. Another chimed in, ‘You’re embarrassing Philly bruh,’ while a third added, ‘I’m bout to unfollow this ball hugger.’ Some suspected that Gillie’s support for Drake was an attempt to gain favor, with Hip Hop personality Ebro Darden commenting, ‘Man I hope Gillie get that interview.’

Despite the backlash, Gillie Da Kid remains steadfast in his opinion, even as the debate rages on among fans and critics. The exchange highlighted the passionate divide among supporters of the two rap giants, Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

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