Moneybagg Yo is gearing up for a busy 2024 with not one, but two new albums. The Memphis-born rapper took to X (formerly Twitter) on June 1 to reveal his plans, highlighting that his second album of the year will specifically cater to his female fanbase.

“June 14th First Album For My Core Fan Base I Went Ghost 2 yrs so I owe yall dat!” he tweeted. “??/??/24 Second Album For My Female Fan Base My #1 Fans Melodic Vibes. THIS RUN BOUTA BE CRAZYYY. 😳🤦‍♂️🗣️,” Moneybagg shared on social media.

The 32-year-old artist also mentioned that he recently secured a crucial feature for his upcoming project, ‘Speak Now’. “Just Got A Crazyyyyy Feature In I Couldn’t Drop This Project Without Now Everything Locked In Fasho sho Its Worth Da Wait.”

Moneybagg Yo also unveiled the album’s cover art with the message: “To Every Action There’s A Reaction, Timing Is Everything And Information Is Power Im In Raw Form Aint No Cut On This Shit This For My Day 1 Core Fan Base The Ones Who Was There Since The Beginning !!” The ‘Bussin’ hitmaker’s fifth studio album follows his 2021 chart-topping album ‘A Gangsta’s Pain’ and his 2023 mixtape ‘Hard To Love.’

Meanwhile, controversy has not left his side. Recently, BIG30 accused Moneybagg Yo of imitating Lil Baby’s style in a diss track. Moneybagg Yo hit back, calling out BIG30 for not utilizing the opportunities he had been provided. “I want everybody to win/ If I sign you, I’m letting you win/ What I’ma hold a n-gga back for?/ The fans gon’ pick who they feel,” he raps. “Tried to go make a move behind my back/ Let’s wake it up, be for real/ Talkin’ ’bout how I stole? Ain’t hurtin’ for nothin’/ You capping, now get out your deal.”

Moneybagg Yo is also heard criticizing BIG30 for wasting “all the tools and jewels” given to him for success, tearing up his contract audibly in the track.

Moneybagg Yo’s 2024 is shaping up to be an eventful year with fans eagerly awaiting both album releases. While his core fanbase can look forward to new music imminently, his female fans can expect a special treat with the melodic vibes of his second album.

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