Drake may be one of the biggest names in music, but according to his close friend and collaborator Lil Yachty, listening to tunes isn’t a big part of his daily routine.

In an interview with James Blake for Complex, the Atlanta rapper/producer revealed, ‘He rarely listens to music, except for when he’s recording. Just, like, in his daily life. Like, I wake up — music. Driving — music. Shower — music. Eating — music. He’s more like a talking type of person. Music when it’s time to record. Sometimes he plays music in the car but most times he’ll ride in silence.’

Lil Yachty admitted that this was surprising to him at first. ‘Before we got close, I thought all musicians were like me and music was all everyday, everything.’ This insight aligns with previous comments Lil Yachty has made about the differences in their lifestyles. Last year, he mentioned, ‘Me and him are kind of different when it comes to lifestyle. Like, we’re really similar as people, but as far as life, we’re very different. I don’t go out, he loves to go out. He loves to host people, he loves to party and I don’t like people that much.’

He continued, ‘And I record every day all day, where he kind of is very selective on his recording days as he has more of a life than I do. And he is much more into actually living life as to where I am literally trying to record music every day.’

Lil Yachty even talked about how their contrasting approaches to life and music have impacted his own perspective. ‘I don’t know if I get that from him of like,

Oh, I should go live a life too,

because I enjoy not living life, I enjoy making music. This is my fun. I hate going out. So if anything, I just realized that you can be so similar to somebody yet so different at the same time.’

Earlier, the 26-year-old elaborated on Drake’s creative process, explaining why fans haven’t heard emotionally charged tracks like ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’ or ‘Take Care’ recently. On his ‘A Safe Place’ podcast, Lil Yachty recalled, ‘I asked him a while ago, I said something like,

Man, why don’t you make songs like you used to?

I was like,

Why don’t you make love songs, like those songs that makes people miss their ex and shit?

I think he explained to me how it’s hard for him to make music about things he isn’t dealing with or experiencing, which opened an eye for me because me, on the other hand, as a songwriter, I can just go make some shit up.’

Lil Yachty’s revelations offer a unique glimpse into the often private life and creative process of Drake, highlighting how different two artists can be despite their close friendship.

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