Kodak Black has had a challenging few months but seems to be turning a new leaf.

Recently, he was spotted on a yacht with his oldest son, King Khalid Octave, and the child’s mother. In the video, Kodak and his son look strikingly similar, almost like twins, and they were clearly having a blast along with the child’s mother. The clip was heartwarming and reassured fans that Kodak is healthier and happier than ever.

One fan commented, ‘He looks so much better now that he’s off them drugs.’ Another added, ‘Kodak don’t get the flowers he deserve. He came in the game at 16 and changed it up.’ The overall sentiment among fans is one of support and happiness for Kodak’s apparent turnaround.

Kodak’s recent appearances on social media have shown him in good spirits, which is a significant change considering his legal troubles and past issues with addiction. Fans have expressed their relief and joy at seeing him in better health and enjoying quality time with his family.

The rap industry can be harsh, especially for someone who entered the scene at a young age like Kodak. Navigating its challenges is no small feat, and it’s heartening for fans to see him finding some peace and stability in his family life.

Kodak Black’s recent family moments offer a refreshing and hopeful look at his journey toward better health and happiness. Fans are rooting for him to continue on this positive path.

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