In a shocking turn of events, SteveWillDoIt has taken to social media to accuse rapper Kodak Black of attempting to steal his $500K Richard Mille watch.

SteveWillDoIt’s allegations didn’t stop at just the theft. The internet personality asserted that Kodak Black, who he claimed appeared to be under the influence at the time, tried to rob him. ‘Do rappers make money? Kodak Black just tried to rob me for my Richard Mille,’ Steve wrote. ‘Is every rapper broke? The guy smokes meth, probably insane. Kodak Black is 100% on drugs.’

Kodak Black was quick to respond, vehemently denying the allegations and even threatening Steve with physical violence. ‘I don’t give [expletive] about none of them muscles or that tight a** suit you was wearing yesterday,’ he said. ‘I told you to your [expletive] face. A n***a will knock your drunk a** out.’

As the back-and-forth continues, SteveWillDoIt claims to have video proof of the incident, which he plans to release soon. ‘I got full video of Kodak Black trying to run off with my Richard Mille,’ he alleged. ‘Rappers are sick, sick individuals. I won’t be associating myself with rappers unless I can confirm they aren’t brokies. Will post the full video Tuesday or Wednesday.’

The internet remains divided on the issue, with many users skeptical about SteveWillDoIt’s claims. They argue that if he really had proof, he would have already shared it. Nevertheless, there’s a palpable anticipation to see what SteveWillDoIt will post, and whether Kodak will have another response.

As tensions escalate between SteveWillDoIt and Kodak Black, all eyes are on the awaited video. Social media users are left wondering if Steve’s footage will confirm his accusations and what further fallout might occur.

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