Kesha isn’t holding back on how she feels about Diddy. As more allegations of sexual assault, harassment, and misconduct surface against the mogul, Kesha made her stance clear during her performance at WeHo Pride in Los Angeles.

On Friday, May 31, the 37-year-old pop star took to the stage, delivering a memorable rendition of her hit song “Tik Tok.” Instead of the familiar opening line, “Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy,” she altered it to “Wake up in the morning like, fuck P. Diddy,” as she and her backup dancers showed their disdain to an enthusiastic crowd.

This change isn’t entirely new. Kesha first made this alteration during a cameo at Reneé Rapp’s Coachella set earlier this year. Her modified lyrics appear to be a direct response to the mounting lawsuits against Diddy for similar reasons.

Kesha’s performance at WeHo Pride comes in the wake of a substantial Rolling Stone investigation. Published earlier this week, the investigation brought to light more allegations against Diddy. Compiled from interviews with over 50 individuals connected to him throughout his career, the report paints a troubling picture. It describes incidents dating back to his time at Howard University in the late 1980s, including an alleged belt-beating episode and a violent encounter with late Def Jam executive Shakir Stewart at LA Reid’s wedding in 2000.

Stewart, who later committed suicide in 2008, reportedly suffered a brutal attack by Diddy, involving a chair and resulting in severe injuries. The report also recounts an incident from 1994 where Diddy allegedly assaulted a woman in the Bad Boy office, requiring two employees to intervene after hearing screams and breaking glass. A graphic designer who worked for the label has also accused Diddy of sexually harassing her at a party in 2001.

The article further delves into Diddy’s relationships with other prominent figures in the rap industry, including his purported jealousy of Biggie’s friendship with 2Pac. Photographer Monique Bunn claimed that 2Pac saw Diddy as a “corny executive” and had no respect for him.

Kesha’s decision to alter her lyrics and publicly denounce Diddy adds to the chorus of voices bringing attention to these serious allegations.

Kesha’s performance and her pointed lyric change at WeHo Pride underscore her solidarity with the alleged victims and her stance on the serious charges against Diddy. The pop star’s bold move reverberates as the music industry and fans alike grapple with the troubling accusations surrounding the influential figure.

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