KAYTRANADA, the Montreal-based producer, recently expressed heartfelt gratitude towards Freddie Gibbs for his acceptance of KAYTRANADA’s sexuality. The producer came out as gay in a 2016 interview with The FADER, just before the release of his debut album, 99.9%.

As KAYTRANADA’s third album, ‘Timeless’, is set to release on June 7, he opened up in a Rolling Stone interview about various topics, including his sexuality. He emphasized that Freddie Gibbs’ support gave him hope regarding acceptance in the music industry, particularly in the Hip Hop scene.

“I still don’t think many people know that I’m gay. Even with that story,” KAYTRANADA shared. “Freddie Gibbs was one of the first artists that was like, ‘I’m proud of you, man, keep doing your thing.’ I thought that was crazy. That gave me hope.” The producer also noted the growing acceptance of LGBT artists in the industry, highlighting figures like Lil Nas X and mentioning Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre’s performance at Pride in L.A.

Upon seeing KAYTRANADA’s quotes on social media, Freddie Gibbs responded on X (formerly Twitter) stating, “That’s my homie in real life tho 🤞🏿.” The two artists have a history of collaboration with tracks like “My Dope House,” “Alexys,” and the KAYTRAMINÉ track “letstalkaboutit.”

In his 2016 interview with The FADER, KAYTRANADA revealed that he came out as bisexual to his mother and sister at 16, but the topic wasn’t revisited until much later. He explained the emotional complexity of his situation, particularly within his Haitian background, which traditionally does not embrace homosexuality. He initially thought his feelings might be a phase.

After ending a long-term relationship with a woman in 2015, he came out as gay to his mother and brother, both of whom were supportive. Despite this, he had not yet told his father about his sexuality at the time of the interview, citing uncertainty on how to approach the conversation.

Growing up with homophobic peers made KAYTRANADA hesitant to reveal his true self, saying, “I don’t want nobody to know that I’m that person.” He added, “I don’t call myself straight, I don’t call myself gay, it’s just me. But, I guess, I am gay. I just wanna come clean and shit. Just to be less awkward with people. It’s so wack [to lie]. This is another step in my life. I haven’t changed since high school. I’m ready to move on.”

KAYTRANADA’s journey toward self-acceptance and the support from peers like Freddie Gibbs mark significant milestones, not just for him personally, but for wider acceptance in the music industry. As he steps forward with his new album ‘Timeless’, he carries with him the hope and progress made possible through understanding and solidarity.

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