Joe Budden didn’t hold back on his thoughts about the recent Kendrick Lamar and Drake feud. He claims it wasn’t a solo victory but a collective effort.

During a conversation on JBTV After Hours show on X (formerly Twitter) Spaces, Joe Budden shared his perspective on the ongoing feud with Drake. According to Budden, the Toronto rapper’s defeat was a ‘baton-passing’ process involving himself, Pusha T, and ultimately, Kendrick Lamar.

Budden acknowledged that his comments might ‘come off the wrong way’ or ‘sound narcissistic,’ but he firmly believes it was a team effort. ‘I don’t think any one man takes down Drake. I think that was a baton. I think I passed the baton to Push. I think Push passed the baton to Kendrick and the job is done now. That’s how I feel in my head and in my heart,’ Budden stated.

Budden and Drake have had a long-standing feud, while Pusha T made headlines with his diss track ‘The Story of Adidon’ back in 2018. The latest chapter of this drama saw Kendrick Lamar releasing ‘Not Like Us,’ which Budden suggests was the final blow.

When DJ Akademiks shared Budden’s remarks on Instagram, Drake’s fans were quick to respond. One comment highlighted Drake’s broader appeal, stating, ‘What they all FAIL to realize is Drake has something that NONE of them have…. THE WOMEN & POP CULTURE!!!! dont @ Me… this IS NOT a RAP Battle!!!! It’s the Music Business!!!!’ Other fans echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing Drake’s enduring popularity.

Another commenter added, ‘This further proves that Drake won.. these guys are doing their best to build these narratives and it’s only proving that they ALL begging, wack & weak individuals looking to fight Drake for solely being successful.’

The heated discussion continues to make waves, with Budden’s latest comments adding more fuel to the fire. Whether you agree with Budden’s perspective or not, it’s clear that the feud between these hip-hop giants is far from over.

Joe Budden’s claim that taking down Drake was a group effort involving him, Pusha T, and Kendrick Lamar has certainly stirred the pot. With strong reactions from fans and continued back-and-forths, this feud remains one of the most talked-about in the music world.

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